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    1. Free MCQ Practice - This is the Free MCQ practice section of the website. Here you can browse through our MCQ database
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  • Books and publications - TMS Trust publications as well as recommended books and publications

  • Future Surgeons - This section contains information, advice, tips for medical students and junior doctors who wish to pursue a surgical career in the future

  • Tool Kit - "The Surgeon's Toolkit" section contains a number of medical/surgical calculators, formulae which can be very useful in the day to day work of any healthcare professional. This section further provides a comprehensive overview of the many different surgical equipment (from forceps, to frameless stereotaxy etc) available to surgeons at present.

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    1. About Us - This section highlights general information regarding the organization, the history and future ambitions.
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      Contact Us - Please use this page to get in touch with The Master Surgeon team, if you have any queries, feedback or would like to submit your question(s) to the website. Use the online contact form or email us at tmscharity@gmail.com for feedback, reporting errors or to get in touch about anything and everything.

  • Links - This page contains a list of links to organizations The Master Surgeon is affiliated with and contains links to surgical educational resources which students may find useful

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