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  Membership - How to get involved / contribute

    Memebrship of The Master Surgeon Trust is free. We are a non-profit organisation and a registered charity.

    Who is eligible to join:

      - Medical students

      - Doctors

    Membership benefits

      - Access to all areas of The Master Surgeon website

      - Contribute to The Master Surgeon website

      - Opportunity to join the exeutive committee

    How can I get invovlved?

      - Contribute questions (MCQs, EMQs, OSCE practice scenarios)

      - Tutorials contribution (write tutorials on lists of topics which will be emailed every month)

      - Validating and reviewing content on the website. Share your ideas and views on how to make our services better

      - Plan, run, develop courses or other activities

      - Publicity and recruitment

      - Executive committee and governance

    What can you expect from us in return?

    • Recognition for your contribution – both online and in the form of formal documentation where necessary
    • Platform to develop your teaching skills
    • Platform to develop your management skills
    • Opportunity to educate the world

    E-mail us at the tmscharity@gmail.com with a copy of your CV, if you are interested in joining us.

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